Aristark is second in command of the Thot spaceship that is sent in search of Kalid. Aristark is a political ally of Leone: they are both members of the Antiquist Party. Aristark is Planetary Counselor for Justice and is in charge of the investigation into the destruction of the Elevators.


Leone is Planetary Counselor for Transportation and member of the Antiquist Party on the planet Sakkara. He tries to go on a search for Kalid, in order to defeat Set, his enemy.


Kalid is Great Master of the Osiris Order and has telepathic ability.


Ketar is the head of the Galactic Antiquist Party.


Lilly is Set's girlfriend. She is killed in the accident of the destruction of the Twin Elevators.


Set is the head of the Futurist Party.


Sybil is Priestess of Isis, the highest ranking member of the Osiris Order on Sakkara. She instructs Leone on how to find Kalid.



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