The focus of this chapter is Ketar and his activities, his plans to liberate Azur from the Empire. This chapter could include a flashback that describes Ketar's involvement in the attack on the Elevators as part of his efforts to extract money from Spaceship Guild operations and use that money to fight against the Empire.

It should also be explained how Ketar learns about Kalid and why Ketar tells Aristark and Leone to find Kalid. Also, how does Ketar know Sybil and why does Ketar tell Leone to go to Sybil for advice on how to find Kalid?

Set, making use of his telepathic powers, detects members of the Osiris Order on Sakkara. In particular, Set learns that Kalid and Sybil are members of the Osiris Order. Set learns that Kalid is on Flammis and sends forces to take Flammis and capture Kalid (but Kalid escapes and goes to Earth). Ketar is spying on the Futurist Party and so Ketar's spys learn about Kalid, Sybil and the idea that the Osiris Order has hidden technologies, possibly something such as a technology related to telepathy.


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